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Company History

Holidynamcis is an established company of more than 15 years' experience presenting a vast and varied range of seasonal lighting and accessories. We pride ourselves on designing, producing and supplying the highest quality products in the marketplace.

We are especially proud to have introduced its own DYNAMIC trademark.

Dynamicland, Dynamic RGB and Dynamic Illuminations.

The Dynamic product lines guarantee superior quality and innovation. Our highly experienced design and manufacturing team create distinct and diverse products with the use of RGB technology, mechanical animation, advanced plastics, fabrics and other materials that we can apply LED and RGB lighting.

We also offer our signature roofline displays: Artsticks and a wide range of trees and foliage; resin and fiberglass…all with an edge of exceptional functionality and versatility that makes us stand out from others in the industry.

We strive to provide top level customer service by offering consultations, design and product recommendations that are specially adapted to each client and budget.

Holidynamics continues to surprise with spectacular new products. We have the experience, infrastructure and resources necessary to maintain our status as a leader in the holiday lighting industry.

First time ordering from our company: Welcome.

To our long-standing customers: We Appreciate You.

Every success of a business is attributable to its customers. Showing customers how much you appreciate them is our way to build and maintain relationships for a lifetime.

Scott R. Heese

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