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LED String Drop Light for Commercial Use

Commercial Hanging Lights: LED Drop Light to Hang or Wrap

A Light Drop from Holidynamics is a unique light option that’s perfect for commercial spaces any time of year. Christmas drop lights are popular in winter, of course, but the margins are wide for a variety of uses year-round.

Our popular commercial hanging lights are distinctive and versatile. Use these indoor or outdoor drop lights for all sorts of events that need that special touch.

The Cherry Blossom Drop is ideal for breathtaking dream weddings, the Commercial Cluster Light Drop is a creative way to light up any area whenever you need it, and the rich solid or multi-color Light Drop options add ambiance, motion, and excitement to any building, room, or landscape.

Made of flexible and covert commercial-grade wire, our enchanting LED drop lights come in multiple sizes, colors, and effects. If you can envision it, you can create it with the help of Holidynamics.