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Dynamic RGB Control Unit for 5MM LED w/lock in feature

Item Code: 79002L
Description:This Dynamic RGB controller with remote is used in conjunction with our RGB 5MM LED light sets to create lighting scenes with a touch of a button. The below products are to be used with our RGB LED light sets. Now with Lock in feature that will allow for light sets to be different colors with ease. This remote is very easy to use. No Apps, No Hassle
  • Can "lock in" colors or functions
  • Color Options: Pure White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Multi
  • Remote Range roughly up to 50 feet
  • Memory Funtion for on/off Timer
  • Function: Fade
  • Function: Steady
  • Function: Flash Out
  • Function: Chase
  • Function: Jump
  • Function: Flash White
  • Function: Wave
  • Function: Built in memory for on/off and timmer mode
  • 79009: Coaxial 15ft Extension Cord for Coaxial RGB/DRGBWW light sets
  • 79008: Coaxial 20ft Extension Cord for Coaxial RGB/DRGBWW light sets
  • 79003: Coaxial "X" Splitter, RGB/DRGBWW & Coaxial light sets
  • 79004: Coaxial "Y" Splitter, RGB/DRGBWW light sets