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Sign Dynamic RGBWW Merry Christmas 36" Tall

Item Code: 66511
Description:You never had a merrier Christmas than you will with the dynamic showpiece lighting up your home. Choose your favorite color or fade one color into another. Flash, Strobe, Wave and more! The choice is yours. No Apps, No Hassle. This is a full featured large format sign. Professional grade construction built to last! 8 Colors 9 Functions
  • Retail Qty: 1
  • Case Qty: 1
  • Frame Color: White
  • Frame Type: Hinged
  • Width: 36"
  • Bulb Count: 415
  • Bulb Color: RGB
  • Bulb Type: LED Frosted RGB
  • Voltage: Low
  • Rating: UL Listed
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Category: LED Christmas Line
  • Assembly: Required
  • Extra Parts Included: Spare Clips, & Fuses