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Dynamic RGB Oversized Spritzer

Item Code: 63065 RGB

This Oversized Spritzers are also in RGB! With 8 color optoins and 7 light functions all easily controlled with a remote, these spritzers are the real deal. Our RGB model offers complete customization with a hassle free set-up, no worries about internet connectivity, and dynamic color. Flexible construction allows you unlimited options when you are done for the season, they collapse nice and neat for storage!

These unique decortions are outdoor safe and IP65 rated to facilitate a large variety of creative uses:

  • Great for Event lighting!
  • Use that as a huge outdoor Chandelier for your next backyard get-together
  • Use them as porch lighting or outdoor events
  • Huge and Staguesque, these spritzers are an attraction in and of themselves!
  • Hang them in trees, or place them in the yard with an oversized spritzer pole

Available in 16", 24" and 32" sizes.

Each LED Spritzer includes an RGB Remote and built-in controller.

INSTRUCTIONS - Download Here

  • Collapsible for ease of storage.
  • UL approved for indoor/Outdoor application
  • RF Remote will provide funtion to multiple controllers within range
  • Remote range from controller is roughly 50 feet
  • Retail Qty: 1
  • Case Qty: 1
  • Dimensions: 4' diameter
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Bulb Color: Pure White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Multi
  • Bulb Count: 680
  • Frame Color: 240
  • Items Included: RGB Controller with RF Remote
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Mount Type: Hanging/Spritzer Pole
  • Display: Jump, Fade, Flash White, Chase, Steady, Flash Out, and Wave