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Chasing Controller/Timer - 4 Way

Item Code: 05049

Christmas light controllers create effects across the channels of the controller and allow you to do a variety of creative and unique things with your holiday lighting! This controller can connect to 4 different light strings or wire framed items to control their look. Make your Penguins look like they are diving, or your Reindeer appear to fly! This also works with most newer LED light strings

With a built in 6, 8, and 12 hour timer this Controller is invaluable for your holiday display!

How it Works

Controllers create effects across the channels of the controller and allow you to do add motion to your holiday display. For example, a 4 channel controller will turn channel 1 on and then off when channel 2 comes on. It then turns channel 2 off when channel 3 comes on, and channel 3 off when channel 4 comes on. The sequence then repeats.

Our 4-Way chasing controller has a clearly labeled button on the control box for on/off, time, and mode. Plug your lights into the different channels (each of the 4 channels has its own female plug, with channel 1 being on the far left and channel 4 being on the far right). You may find it helpful to change the channel each light is plugged into if you are looking to create a specific effect.

Will This Controller Make My Lights Chase Down The Strand?

No. No controller can make standard lights chase down the strand. With most newer LED light strands, this controller and make them flash, Slow Glow, and twinkle but it applies the other effects across the channels.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated
  • Includes timer function
  • 216 Watts
  • 1.75 Amps
  • Retail Box: 1
  • Inner Case: 1
  • Case QTY: 24
  • Usage: Indoor/outdoor
  • Category: Accessories