Straight from our Affiliates

Working with Holidynamics LightLinks, it was easy sell because the LightLink products are simply the most amazing and durable products on the market today.  Also gave my company the edge over my competition with offering an exclusive product.  That’s where I was able to gain more business and higher profits.

C. Dominy - Holidynamics Affiliate
Denver - CO

Before I joined the Holidynamics affiliate program I was settling with the smaller C7/C9 jobs, which didn’t give my company the exposure like I needed.  With the many different Affiliate products I was able to give my clients the uniqueness that set them apart from other houses in the area.

S. Young - Holidynamics Affiliate
Dallas - TX

I am impressed with the exclusive product line and service that Holidynamics has provided my company with over the many years.  We double our sales each year because of the new products Holidynamics continues to offer.  Holidynamics has all the tools to make any company successful.

Anthony Snider - Holidynamics Affiliate

Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking at adding Holiday lighting as a service line to your company, make sure to listen to Holidynamics.  I did the research and why pay another company royalties and/or a high franchise fee, Holidynamics makes it simple.  Holidynamics has a member benefits program where you are getting everything to get started, it’s just missing the ladder and crew.

Darrin Selking
Valparaiso, IN

I’ve been working the Holidynamics for a couple years now and have to give them thumbs up.  They have the best foliage on the market and are ready to help with any installation or design question…these guys are the Christmas Nerds you need in your back pocket during the season.

Christian Waugh
Yorktown Heights, NY