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Dynamic RGB Control Unit for 5MM LED

Item Code: 79002
Description:This Dynamic RGB controller with remote is used in conjunction with our RGB 5MM LED light sets to create lighting scenes with a touch of a button. The below products are to be used with our RGB LED light sets. This remote is very easy to use. No Apps, No Hassle
  • Color Options: Pure White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Multi
  • Function: Fade
  • Function: Steady
  • Function: Flash Out
  • Function: Chase
  • Function: Jump
  • Function: Flash White
  • Function: Wave
  • Function: Built in memory for on/off and timmer mode
  • 79001: 50L 5MM LED - Gr Cord/RGB- 6" Spacing
  • 79010: 50L 5MM LED - Gr Cord/RGB- 4" Spacing
  • 79012: 70L 5MM LED - Gr Cord/RGB- 4" Spacing
  • 79009: Coaxial 15ft Extension Cord for Coaxial RGB/DRGBWW light sets