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36" LED 3D Color Changing Star

Item Code: 62207
Description:36" LED 3D Color Changing Star. Equipped with color change technology! Five color options make this the most capable 3D Star we have ever made. Match it with one of our LED Artisticks or Light drops! A bright, attractive focal point to your decorating. Add some dimension to your holiday!
  • Set to Color Changing Mode or keep it set at the solid color of your choice.
  • Product can display: Pure White, Green, Red, Blue and Purple individually or cycle through
  • Change between modes, or colors, with a click of a button using the provided controller.
  • Using a timer? No problem. Our built in memory function activates the last color selection used.
  • Intensely bright LED lights use less electricity than incandescent and have very clear, crisp color
  • Commercial-grade lights on a steel frame, durable outside
  • *Y-Stakes not included. Must be purchased separately.
  • Retail Qty: 1
  • Aff Qty: 1
  • Frame Color: White
  • Frame type: Hinged
  • Height: 36"
  • Bulb Count: 250
  • Bulb Type: LED M8
  • Bulb color: Pure White/Green/Red/Blue/Purple
  • Light Display: Steady
  • Voltage: 130
  • Fuse Amps: 3
  • Mount Type: Staked/Hanging
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Rating: UL Listed
  • Category: 3D Line
  • Assembly: Required
  • Extra parts included: Spare clips, bulbs and fuses
  • 05009: 15 AMP Outdoor Mechanical Pin Timer
  • 05006: Y-Stake Adjustable 4'-6'
  • 05030: 20' Single Plug Extension Cord
  • 05034 WH: 6' White Jumper Cord
Replacement Parts:
  • 05019: HD LED Frame Clip - Clear
  • 05021: 3 Amp Replacement Fuse (25 pc/pack)