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Edison Bulb LED Sun Warm White

Item Code: 05174 SWW
(Must be ordered in multiples of 25)
Description:This bulb mimics the look of the early light bulb the Edison era. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor setting it provides an ambient glow for any occasion. Creates a nostalgic ambiance. Retains the shape of the hand blown style of the original incandescent bulb, but adds the durability and energy efficiency of LED! Excellent for use in home patios, weddings or special occasions.
  • Creates a nostalgic ambiance for every occasion
  • Retains the shape of hand blown style of the original bulb
  • Excellent use in home settings, weddings or special occasions
  • Popular for use in restaurants, cafes, and hotels
  • *Cord sold seperately. Item 05173 BLK.
  • Watts: 1.5W
  • Amps: .017A
  • Volts: 120
  • Retail Qty. : 25
  • Aff Qty. : 25
  • Filament: Dual
  • Bulb Color: Sun Warm White
  • Bulb Style : LED
  • 05171: Female Slide Plug (SPT-2) Edison
  • 05172: Male Slide Plugs (SPT-2) Edison
  • 05173 BLK: E27 Bulk Black Cord 15" Spacing - 300' (SPT-2)Edison
  • 05031: 40' Single Plug Extension Cord