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36" LED Light Drop - Blue

Item Code: 05163 BL
(Must be ordered in multiples of 5)

It's Raining Light!

Drench your trees in these soothing blue lights and let the stress of the wash right off of you as you gaze at these cascading Light Drops. Hypnotic, engaging, and yet peaceful these SMD LED Lightdrops will add dynamic motion to your event, holiday, or ambient lighting. With a 36 inch polycarbonate tube and 48 LEDs per side for 360-degree visual interest (96 LEDs total) this light screws directly into a standard C9 light socket! The LEDs alternate switching on and off, trailing the previous LED to create a falling effect from top to bottom. SMD LED technology is the latest in LED technology, creating brighter and more vibrant color. Mimic shooting stars, create the illusion of falling snow, or stake them upside-down along a walkway to imitate a rocket blasting off into space!

Brighter and More Vibrant Color with the Latest SMD LED Technology!

The brightest, most vibrant lighting technology is now at Holidynamics!

  • Richer color
  • More consistent brightness
  • Double sided to offer 360 degrees of visual interest

Customize your Christmas Lights!

In many cases light stringers where bulbs can be replaced are used for light displays. Socket C9 wire can be bought in up to 1,000 ft spools, which is what professional installers often use to create custom length light runs. It can also reduce the need for extra extension cords or leaving live open sockets in areas of the display you don't want bulbs to be seen. For homes that feature roof lines with extra peaks, windows, dormers and other architectural features that you want to outline, customizing your light strings can both look better and make install easier.

Holidynamics has a new exclusive product line that expands your decorating options by essentially converting every C9/E17 socket into an outlet!

  • Combine Light Drops with LED lightsets and icicle drops, and C9 bulbs all on the same cord.
  • Wrap tree trunks with C9 Cord and add LightHub Static Lightsets for a heavy coverage wrap
  • Use the same cord to add a mix of C9 bulbs and Light Drops in the branches
  • Mix in Light Drops with C9 bulbs along a roofline for a clean and classic look
  • Create a Custom Cone tree in the yard, decorate patio railings, and accent windows and doors

  • Each tube has lights on both sides
  • Encased polycarbonate tube with C9/E17 socket base screws right in to a standard C9 socket
  • Energy efficient LEDs reduce power needs
  • LED bulbs remain cool to the touch
  • Great for trees, porches, or roofline decor - Creates Motion!
  • SMD LED technology for a brighter and more vibrant light
  • Light drops simulate stars falling to the earth or gently falling snow for an engaging visual effect
  • Nickel plated base prevents corrosion and improves connectivity
  • Commercial grade bulb construction--more durable, longer lifespan, water resistant
  • *Bulbs only--stringer sold seperately
  • Retail Box: 1
  • Case QTY: 50
  • Length: 36"
  • Bulb Size: T8
  • Detail: Smooth Transparent
  • Bulb Design: Tube
  • Bulb Material: Polycarbonate
  • Bulb Diameter: 1"
  • LED Light Color: Blue
  • Bulb Base: E17
  • Chip Type: SMD
  • Average Hours: 60,000
  • Base Material: Nickel
  • Incandescent or LED: LED
  • Light Display: Falling/Cascading
  • Amerage (Amps): 0.015A
  • Wattage(Watts): 1.8W
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Rating: UL Listed
  • Category: Bulbs
  • 05130: C9 26' Stringer for Light Drops
  • 05009: 15 AMP Outdoor Mechanical Pin Timer
  • 05030: 20' Single Plug Extension Cord
  • 05029: 24' Extension Cord