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C9 LED Bulb - Purple Transparent

Item Code: 05157 TPL
(Must be ordered in multiples of 25)

Laughing in the Purple Rain

Celebrate Prince with our Strong, Vibrant, and Majestic Purple C9 SMD LED bulbs this year! SMD LED technology is the latest in C9 bulb technology, creating brighter and more vibrant color. Pair Purple and Yellow C9 SMD LED to show your team spirit, spread awareness for Alzheimer's with a pure Purple display, or combine Purple with Orange to add some frighteningly brilliant light to your Halloween display! The possibilities are endless.

Brighter and More Vibrant Color with the Latest SMD LED Technology!

The brightest, most water resistant C9 bulb is now at Holidynamics! With the latest SMD LED technology, these bulbs have richer color, more consistent brightness, a 360 degree viewing angle, and are dimmable for maximum effect. The faceted lens offers brightness and sparkle to your design. Molded from new material for maximum clarity, UV resistant, and expertly sealed to prevent corrosion and water damage, our bulbs will maintain their color and brightness for years to come. Our line of C9 bulbs have E17 bases so that they are compatible with all traditional C9 cord, making it easy to upgrade your existing incandescent C9 lights to energy efficient LED. You can also pair them with our C9 cord to create a brand new light set for you holiday design! Use them along your roofline, to line walkways, and accent trees.

Customize your Christmas Lights!

In many cases light stringers where bulbs can be replaced are used for C9 light displays. Socket C9 wire can be bought in up to 1,000 ft spools, which is what professional installers often use to create custom length light runs. It can also reduce the need for extra extension cords or leaving live open sockets in areas of the display you don't want bulbs to be seen. For homes that feature roof lines with extra peaks, windows, dormers and other architectural features that you want to outline, customizing your light strings can both look better and make install easier.

Holidynamics has a new exclusive product line that expands your decorating options by essentially converting every C9/E17 socket into an outlet! Combine C9 bulbs with LED lightsets and icicle drops all on the same cord. Alternate Lighthub static 5mm light sets with C9 bulbs along the gables to create a cascading wall of light. Mix in Icicle lights with C9 bulbs for a clean and classic look. Create a Custom Cone tree in the yard, decorate trees, and accent windows and doors all with this new patented product line.

*Warranty is deemed void if the product is exposed beyond normal seasonal use. One season is classified as 90 days or less each year. Rough handling, neglected product, or modification in any way will void the warranty.

  • C9 Faceted Christmas light bulb
  • SMD Chip Bulbs, constructed with durable Polystyrene
  • Magnifier and water sealer helps protect the LED diodes
  • LED bulbs last longer and save energy
  • Long lasting LED bulb life-60.000 rated hours
  • Easy upgrade from incandescent C9 bulbs, retro fit LED C9 bulbs will fit perfectly in C9 socket cord
  • Connect up to 350' feet continuously
  • Holidynamics bulb- UL approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrated UV Resistance
  • All Colors Match Industry Standards
  • 360 degree viewing angle
  • Dimmable for Maximum Effect
  • Completely sealed and as waterproof as you can make them!
  • Price is per bulb. Must be purchased in a poly bag of 25
  • United States Patent Number 11,255,510 B2
  • Retail Box: 25
  • Case QTY: 500
  • Bulb Color: Purple
  • Detail : Faceted Transparent
  • Display Type: Steady, Dimmable
  • Wattage (Watts): 0.58w
  • Voltage(Volts): 120
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Lumens: 21.7
  • Bulb Size: C9/E17
  • Bulb Base: Nickel, prevents corrosion
  • Grade: Commercial/Professional
  • Warranty: 3 Seasons
  • Average Bulb Life: 60,000 hours
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Category: Bulbs
  • Rating: UL Listed
  • 78005 PW: C9/E17 50L 5MM LED Light Hub Pure White - 4" Spacing
  • 05120: All In One Clip
  • 05009: 15 AMP Outdoor Mechanical Pin Timer
  • 05162 PL: 24" LED Light Drop - Purple