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Slide Plugs Male SPT1- Green

Item Code: 05129

Also known as a vampire plug or a gilbert plug, this green male (pronged) replacement/retrofit plug is perfect for commercial lighting or unique custom designs. The simple slide back cover allows the prongs inside of the cap to connect with the wire safely. Simply slide the plug onto the end of the cord, being sure that the ribbed side of the cord lines up with the larger blade on the slide plug and sliding the wire as far as possible into the vertical channel of the plug, then push the backer on for a safe and secure connection.

Need to add a plug to the center of a wire-string? Using pliers, the "end" of the slide plug can be removed by bending the groved break-away section where the wire would typically be stopped off of the plug. Then simply place the plug firmly at its desired location on the wire string and slide the back covering into place.

Compatible with 18 gauge SPT1 cord and zip wire.

Easy 4 Step End-Plug Installation

  1. Cut between the wires by about 1/4 of an inch
  2. Locate the "ribbed" side of the wire. The ribbed side of the wire connects to the larger blade which is most often on the right side of the plug.
  3. Place the wire as far down into the vertical channel as it will go. The ribbed side of the wire should go on the same side as the larger blade's connection pin.
  4. Slide the back onto the plug. This allows the two contact points to penetrate the wire's insulation. The plug is now complete and ready to use!

  • Easy 4 step Connection
  • SPT-1
  • 8 AMP capacity
  • 125V
  • *Price is per piece. Must be purchased in poly bag of 25.
  • Break-Away Design allows for plugs to be added to the center of 18 Gauge light strings
  • Commonly used with empty-socket cords and zip wire
  • Retail Box: 1
  • Inner Case: 25
  • Case QTY: 1000
  • Amperage (AMPs): 8
  • Voltage (Volts): 125
  • SPT Compatibility: SPT-1
  • Color: Green
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Category: Accessories
  • 05135 GR: 250' SPT-1, Green Cord/Spool - No Sockets (FULL ROLL)
  • 05126 GR: C9 Bulk Green Cord 12" Spacing - 1000'
  • 05126 WH: C9 Bulk White Cord 12" Spacing - 1000'
  • 05027: 6' Extension Cord